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Raiding times and days, please read!

Multigasm / Aug 03, 2012
I think we seriously need to sort out proper raid days, so I'm basically making this thread to find out which days are best for everyone, once we have a few suggestions, I'll have a chat with the other officers and GM and we will sort out proper raiding days and times. People haven't been showing and we have had to pug members which isn't helping us learn how each other plays.

Doing this will help us become a stronger raid group and help us with progress, now and in MoP.

So if you could comment on which days and times are best it would be greatly appreciated. If no one comments then set days and times will be made and you may not find a day that is suited to you.

I will also make it a goal to check everyone's gear, if it is not up to scratch, there is a strong chance we will pick someone else over you. Go to to optimize your gear, we expect to see correct enchants, gems and reforges. I will be doing so aswel as after checking last night I need some work too!

Running raid finder and random HOTs will help you obtain new gear, and you will also get a little bit of gold which will help enchant/gem/reforge :)

Thanks in advance

Multigasm x

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Happy with whatever nights, except Friday.

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